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The right clothing ensures you enjoy bushwalking in both comfort and safety.

Your clothing is important since it is your first line of protection from the cold, the wind, the rain, the sun, insects, snakes and the scrub. Garments purchased from a specialist outdoor gear supplier will provide better comfort and protection in the bush than cheap cotton T-shirts and nylon raincoats.

A number of light, adjustable layers are preferable to a few layers of thick fabric. Wear a thin base layer next to the skin. This could be a wool or breathable synthetic garment. Wear a woollen jumper or fleece jacket as a mid layer. The jacket outer layer protects you from wind and rain using a breathable fabric. The outer layer can be constructed with a membrane such as Gore-Tex ® or from a fabric with a waterproof coating.

Adjust zippers and layers to minimize sweating during exercise and be sure to add layers before you feel cold at rest stops.

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When choosing your clothing for a specific trip make allowances for dealing with the expected terrain and the worst weather conditions that may be encountered in the walk area, including night time temperatures, should you need to spend an unexpected overnight stay in the bush. To WALKSAFE in alpine regions, means to be prepared for rapid change to blizzard conditions in all seasons. Do not underestimate the danger from the sun. Despite the deceptively cooler air temperatures generally encountered at altitude, ultraviolet levels are significantly higher, and reflection from snow can reach parts of the body not usually exposed to the sun's rays. Resist the temptation to reduce pack weight by leaving spare clothing behind.