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Why bushwalking is good for you.


Bushwalking Victoria's Brand Identity

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Melbourne Bushwalkers

  • Extras: Mid-week activities, Overseas Trips, Interstate Trips, Training
  • Size: 425
  • Location: Greater Melbourne
Melbourne Bushwalkers


  • Day Walks
  • Backpacking
  • Base camps
  • Cycling
  • Skiing
  • Canoeing


We offer a full program of bushwalking activities throughout the year ranging from our regular Sunday Walks to week long pack-carry trips, with lots of options in between. The club suits all levels of bushwalking and hiking experience.

Our broad program also includes cycling, base camps, skiing, liloing and canoeing, with social events all year round.

Prospective members and visitors from other bushwalking clubs are welcome to come along on Club Nights to get more information or to book on one of our many activities.

Our Club aims to:

  • Bring together those who enjoy bushwalking and related outdoor activities.
  • Encourage an appreciation of the wild life and natural beauty of this country and to assist in its preservation.
  • Organise walks and other outdoor activities.
  • Promote social activity amongst members.

Visitors to Melbourne are welcome to do up to three walks with the club. To join a walk as a visitor you must:

  • Visit the clubroom for a brief introduction by a member on duty. There is a club meeting every Wednesday, 7:00-9:00pm at 1/362 William St, Melbourne 3001 (Location Map);
  • talk to the leader of the walk that you are interested in before booking on it
  • Read the club's introductory document before coming to your first meeting.

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Club Location